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ABOUT BCG (Braden Christopher Godden)

ALIAS; Diaholm Hensley,

Harvard Woodrush


Braden Christopher Godden, it has been said, is a truly multi-talented individual.   His skills & expertise are mainly associated within creative & media disciplines, but with a searching and scientific mind is capable of crossing over to technical areas, especially within the fields mentioned

A strong entrepreneural spirit drives ideas and inventiveness, combined with a sense for visualisation and a desire to efficiently carry out any task, helps make braden somewhat of a "one-off"

Artistically, he excels in display & presentation, but enjoys getting involved with digital design as well as relaxing by teaching & making pottery.   A keen eye for photography and the instinct to try things a little differently make for a portfolio which is unusual and intesting.  Whether it be the subject matter, the perspective or the editing, it allows each image to be unique

One passion is music.   Braden has been a DJ since he was 12 and has enjoyed undertaking a myriad of engagements at a large range of events, functions & locations.  He has worked within the music industry promoting bands and as display manager for both Phonogram & EMI.   Then, self-employed for many years worked in display & exhibition for many blue chip companies and regularly attended prestigious events, locations and premises.

Involvements with the construction industry have seen Braden renovating & refurbishing several old properties as well as gaining granted patents for a range of spaceframe connectors - IsoBrix 4780018)

A current project sees BG (alias Diaholm Hensley) writing a book called  "The Truth about FairyWorld"  for which he has already compiled the film soundtrack.   It also contains a factbook, book of poetry & songs, and a book of drawings (Watch this site for release dates)    Navigate around the site to see what else braden is up to...